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  • This module requires read rights.
  • This module requires write rights.
  • This module only accepts POST requests.
  • Source: AJAX Poll
  • License: GFDL-1.2

AJAXPoll API module


Poll ID, such as 832A5FA2C2583A5732B90CEFF658FE25; IDs are formed by hashing the input (question + answer options, i.e. the text between <poll>...</poll> tags) with MD5 hashing algorithm and converting the result to UPPERCASE with PHP's strtoupper function

This parameter is required.

Numerical answer option identifier; use 0 to revoke a previously cast vote

This parameter is required.
Type: integer

A "csrf" token retrieved from action=query&meta=tokens

This parameter is required.
Submit the third (3) answer to the poll that has the ID 832A5FA2C2583A5732B90CEFF658FE25
api.php?action=pollsubmitvote&poll=832A5FA2C2583A5732B90CEFF658FE25&answer=3 [open in sandbox]