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City list page editors

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City list editing rights

To save time and energy we are only interested in Facebook event links for the 2020 list. Other links can go on country lists created by others. The 2020 page will link to those country lists. Event links and reports can also be added to the Facebook event pages and descriptions.
Note: Share GCM-420 event links here: Main talk page And here: Facebook groups. See also: GMM signup contacts.

2020 page editors are a part of the GCM-420 chain of communication from around the world. Gain 2020 page editing rights by asking at the main talk page. Login is not required on talk pages. Anyone can also use the talk page to pass on Global Cannabis March and 420 event links from Facebook.

The 2020 page editors can edit the main part of the 2020 city list:

Green Dot.svg CannabisParade. Talk. Facebook: Troy Norml.
Green Dot.svg FumaParei. Talk. Facebook: Giovanni Foresti.
Green Dot.svg GlobalMarijuanaMarch: Talk. Facebook: Piotr Gleichgewicht.
Green Dot.svg GMMDO. Talk. Facebook: Jarrah-layegh Mehrzad.
Green Dot.svg Maxstone. Talk. Facebook: Max Stone.
Green Dot.svg Noni. Talk. Facebook: Maria Noriza.
Green Dot.svg Timeshifter. Talk. Facebook: Joe Green.
Green Dot.svg Tribble. Talk. Facebook: Martin Steldinger.
Need Shoutwiki user page:
Orange Dot.svg Facebook: Andre du Plessis.
Orange Dot.svg Facebook: Leopoldo Rivera Rivera.

The first 2 links after the above colored dots are the Shoutwiki user page and user talk page. To create a user name click any "Create account" link. Password retrieval is via your email address. So enter one when you register a Shoutwiki user name. The email address is kept private. For more info see the admins page, and the registration help page. You can remain anonymous. Alias names are fine on Shoutwiki, and are common on Wikipedia. To edit the 2020 page you must log in. Login is case sensitive. And you must remove spaces at the beginning and end of user name and password. If it comes up, refresh the CAPTCHA security check until you find one that you can read.

Facebook link is optional. It helps more people in passing on links. Use a real-sounding Facebook alias, or Facebook may disable your access to your account.

Use this sandbox to practice editing. No need to login. Also, you can use your user page or your user talk page if you are logged in. You can edit Wikipedia pages too: Wikipedia: Category:Cannabis by country.

Find the country on the 2020 page. Add city name. Add event link. Maybe add brackets: [event link URL]. You can let the more experienced editors add the various brackets. See examples below of formatting a city and an event link. The results are followed by the wikitext.


Examples. From simpler to more complex.
Example followed by wikitext that produced it.

Copenhagen GMM:
Copenhagen GMM:

Copenhagen GMM: [1].
[[Copenhagen]] GMM: [].

Copenhagen GMM: [2].
{{box|Copenhagen}} GMM: [].

Copenhagen GMM: [3].
{{box|Copenhagen|lime}} GMM: [].

See also: Editing help.

Note: Share link: Page editors.

The city list page editors (click "show" in the above box) can add cities and event links to this 2020 template:

Register a user name

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Register a user name.

Ask to be a 2020 page editor at the main talk page. Or at User talk:Timeshifter. No need to log in to use talk pages.

Full admins

Full admins can edit all protected pages. Individual city pages and country pages can be edited by anyone without registering or logging in.

Admins Talk pages Admin level Facebook pages
  • Steward
  • Bureaucrat

Contact an admin via their talk page, or a Facebook message. Anyone can leave a message on a wiki talk page without logging in.


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Main admin (steward)

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Sandboxes to practice editing

Return to top. See 2019 editing help.

See this sandbox. No need to login. There are no mistakes there. Practice freely.

You can also practice on your user page and your user talk page if logged in. Red links become blue links once anything (even a period) is saved to the user pages.

Users can create additional user subpages to practice on, and to keep separate drafts on any topic.


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