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Admins Their talk pages


Individual city pages can be edited by anyone without logging in, or having a user name.

Main admin (steward)[edit]

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Protected-page editors[edit]

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See Cannabis:Protectededitors for more info.

It is not necessary to be a full admin to edit certain protected pages. For example;

Co-facilitators of those pages have "protected editor" status.

Any editor can be given permission to edit selected protected pages.

If there is a particular protected page you want to edit, ask Timeshifter about opening up that page to your editing.

You will need to register a user name:

Register a user name[edit]

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Registering a user name is optional. City pages can be edited by anybody without logging in, and without a user name.

If you want a user name click any "Create account" link. Pick a user name and password. No other info is required. You can use an alias user name if desired. Your real name is not required at any point, although you are welcome to use it.

Using your real name is cautioned against when editing wikis. See Wikipedia:Realname and Wikipedia:Harassment. You might want to consider how editing a cannabis wiki with your real name might affect your job, family, relatives, and relations with your neighbors.

Your email address is optional, and is useful for password retrieval if you forget your password. In your preferences you can choose to let others contact you by email through a link on your user or talk page. Your email address is not revealed when other users contact you.

After registration you will have a blank user page. Find your user page here: Special:Log/newusers. Your user page is created when you type anything in it, and save it. You can also find your user page with this search. Uncheck all (via the "none" button), and then check the box for "user". Enter your user name and then search.


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