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Numbering a city list and converting to wiki format[edit | edit source]

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One can use the freeware NoteTab Light from to make the city names into clickable links by adding wikitext. It can also be used to remove any blank lines, and to set up the city list for counting by the wiki software.

NoteTab is a quick download and install. Paste the city list in a blank NoteTab page, and then do the following steps in order.

1. To remove the blank lines replace all pairs of the hidden line-break code, ^p^p with ^p - It can be done all at once with the replace command from the search menu. Select "all" from the "find and replace" dialog box. It only takes a second to replace them all. You may have to do it again if there is more than one blank line between any cities. You can not make the line-break code visible with the freeware version of NoteTab (NoteTab LIght), but this find-and-replace method works anyway.

2. Then, be sure the city list is in alphabetical order. Go to the Modify/Lines/Sort submenu and click on "Ascending."

3. Then, to get the lines numbered by the wiki software add the pound symbol, # , in front of each city. To do so for all the cities at once replace ^p with ^p#

4. To make the city names clickable replace ^p with ]]^p - and then replace # with #[[

5. Paste the city list in the wiki page, and save the page. The wiki software will replace the pound (#) symbol with a number for each city. The brackets [[ ]] make the city names clickable.

Line counters online[edit | edit source]

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If you just want to count the cities without formatting them, then there are some free online tools. Paste text into the forms online, and these sites will count the lines or paragraphs.

This is useful for comparing city lists, and seeing if one city list has more or less cities than another city list. That allows one to figure out which city list is missing cities.

Coordinating city lists[edit | edit source]

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Here is one way to do it. One can add @@@@@@@@@@ instantly to the end of all the cities in a simple city list. For example; with Notetab Light (freeware) using the line break symbol ^p.

Then combine that adjusted city list with another city list. Then sort them instantly in alphabetical order with Notetab Light (Modify menu, Lines, Sort). Or use another text editor. One will see pairs of cities:

Alva, Oklahoma, USA.
Alva, Oklahoma, USA.@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Antofagasta, Chile.
Antofagasta, Chile.@@@@@@@@@@@@@

It is then very easy to see what cities have been added or removed. One can then adjust and coordinate the city lists.

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