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See: Template: City list page editors and the 2020 page.

Use this sandbox to practice editing freely. No need to login. Use your user page and your user talk page if logged in. Use your skills here too: Wikipedia: Category:Cannabis by country. Create and bookmark some personal sandboxes too: Special:MyPage/Sandbox, Special:MyPage/Sandbox2, Special:MyPage/Sandbox3. As many as you want. Share the link when asking for help. To find all your sandboxes: Special:PrefixIndex/User: - click link, add user name to the spot labeled "Display pages with prefix:"

The earlier that Facebook 2020 event links are posted, the more popular the events become.

Formatting example: Copenhagen GMM: [1].

{{box|Copenhagen|lime}} GMM: [https://www.facebook.com/events/372758260189511].

  • {{box|CITY|COLOR}}

{{box|CITY}} - default border color is red if no color is indicated: City

Red-border links go to city pages that need to be updated. See: City format

Don't worry about the color. The main admins will take care of that. If curious, see: Wikipedia: Web colors. Named colors and hex colors work. Capitalization does not matter. Put # in front of hex colors, and remove spaces in hex numbers. 3-digit hex colors work too.

See also: Template:Box.