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Global Marijuana March animated.gif See: 420 and Global Cannabis March event lists by year. See: GMM links

1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

The Global Cannabis March (GCM or GMM) is the first Saturday in May or thereabouts. 420 events are on April 20 or thereabouts.

Main Facebook pages: Main Global Cannabis March and 420 fan page. International GCM-420 group. Europe GCM-420 group.

See closed GMM group (only members see posts in closed groups). For the rest of the world see the yearly GMM-420 lists back to 1999. They list some of the many other GMM and 420 Facebook pages and groups from around the world.


There are many Facebook pages organizing cities and countries for Global Cannabis March and 420 events. See the city, country, state, and province pages to find just a few of those links. There are many more than are found there. Feel free to add more links. You can add links directly (no log-in required).

Ask any of the local and regional organizers for help about anything.

Search Facebook. Find more people, groups, and organizations via the Global Marijuana March links page.

Invite people to GCM and 420 events: Tag some of your friends in comments on relevant Facebook event messages and images.

Some Facebook links of native speakers of various languages below. More to come.
Some GMM and 4/20 organizers. Facebook pages, etc.. Native languages indicated. English: Dana Beal (USA). Aron Kay [22] (USA). Max Stone (Australia). Quanita Booley [23] (South Africa). Imiël Khaya Visser (South Africa). Andre du Plessis (South Africa). Timeshifter (USA) - wiki, 2. RIP: Narina Walls (Mexico. From South Africa). German: Martin Steldinger (Germany). Steffen Geyer (Germany). French: Allu Marine (France). Farid Ghehioueche (France). Norwegian: Piotr Gleichgewicht (Norway). Danish: Klaus Trier Tuxen (Denmark). Czech: Robert Veverka [24] (Czech Republic). Italian: Giovanni Foresti (Italy). Filipino: Maria Noriza (Philippines). More to come. See talk.

See also: City list page editors.