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1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999. This city list is no longer up to date. So many cities have done 420 and GMM events the last few years that it is too time consuming to create so many new city pages.

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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Share links: map - global - gcm - gmm - mmm - mgm - mmc - Global Cannabis March. Global Marijuana March.

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The Global Cannabis March (Global Marijuana March) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables. See also 4/20 events. See main GMM Facebook pages. See Category: Global Marijuana March by year. Not all participating cities have been added to this list. Let us know of missing cities.

Cities and nations holding 4/20 events are also included in the maps and lists for later years.
GCM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 21.22.


The Global Marijuana March also goes by the names of the Million Marijuana March (MMM) and the Global Cannabis March. It began in 1999. See New York City, Dana Beal, and Wikipedia: Global Marijuana March. There are local names for the event too. Such as: World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Global Space Odyssey, Ganja Day, J Day, Million Blunts March, etc.. The Global Marijuana March is a celebration embracing cannabis culture as a personal lifestyle choice. Participants unite to discuss, promote, entertain and educate both consumers and non-consumers alike. See Global Marijuana March cities for a simple alphabetical list of all cities since 1999.

Wikipedia: Cannabis by country.

Search for: marijuana march videos. And more.

Find GMM graphics and other event graphics. Click the images to enlarge them, and for more options. GMM: years, photos, basic city lists, maps, detailed city lists, nations, links, graphics, regions. Google images: Crowds, flyers: Marcha da Maconha. And: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. And: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana. And: Global Marijuana March. Add city name to searches.


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86 countries and some subnational areas have participated in Global Cannabis March or 420 events: Angola. Argentina. Australia. Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bermuda. Bolivia. Brazil. Bulgaria. Cambodia. Canada. Canary Islands. Cape Verde. Chile. Colombia. Costa Rica. Croatia. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Ecuador. El Salvador. Estonia. Faroe Islands. Finland. France. French Polynesia. Germany. Ghana. Greece. Guadeloupe. Guatemala. Guyana. Hungary. Iceland. India. Indonesia. Iraqi Kurdistan. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Jamaica. Japan. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malaysia. Malta. Martinique. Mauritius. Mexico. Moldova. Nepal. Netherlands. New Zealand. Nicaragua. Northern Ireland. Norway. Paraguay. Peru. Philippines. Poland. Portugal. Puerto Rico. Reunion. Romania. Russia. Saint Lucia. Serbia. Sicily. Slovakia. Slovenia. South Africa. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Taiwan. Thailand. Trinidad and Tobago. Turkey. Ukraine. United Kingdom. United States of America. Uruguay. Venezuela. Vietnam. (Note: To edit this list click any nation, or go to Template:Global Marijuana March nations.)

Yearly totals

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GCM, GMM, MMM. First Saturday in May (or thereabouts). Cities and nations holding 4/20 events are included in the lists for later years. Yearly maps: Hundreds of cities participated in 2022 GMM and 420. 41 nations participated on May 4, 2019, or thereabouts. 42 nations participated on May 5, 2018, or thereabouts. 42 nations participated on May 6, 2017, or thereabouts. 45 nations participated on May 7, 2016, or thereabouts. 43 nations participated on May 2, 2015, or thereabouts. 213 cities from 43 nations signed up for May 3, 2014 or thereabouts. 229 cities from 43 nations signed up for May 4, 2013 or thereabouts. 177 cities from 34 nations signed up for May 5, 2012 or thereabouts. 274 cities for May 7, 2011. 328 cities for May 1, 2010. 270 for May 2, 2009. 240 for May 3, 2008. 230 for May 5, 2007. 203 for May 6, 2006. 184 for May 7, 2005. 165 for May 1, 2004. 235 for May 3, 2003. 199 for May 4, 2002. 119 for May 5, 2001. 104 for May 6, 2000. 31 for May 1, 1999.


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  1. Luanda, Angola.

Canary Islands

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  1. La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands.
  2. Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
  3. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.
  4. Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.
  5. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Cape Verde

Return to top. A group of islands off the west coast of Africa.
  1. Mindelo, Cape Verde. - a republic (group of islands) off the west coast of Africa.


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  1. Accra, Ghana.


Return to top. Small islands east of Africa, and east of Madagascar.
  1. Curepipe, Mauritius.
  2. Port Louis, Mauritius.


Return to top. Small island east of Africa and Madagascar.

South Africa

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  1. Cape Town, South Africa.
  2. Durban, South Africa.
  3. George, South Africa.
  4. Johannesburg, South Africa.
  5. Pretoria, South Africa.
  6. Soweto, South Africa.


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  1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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  1. Bangalore, India.


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  1. Balikpapan, Indonesia.
  2. Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
  3. Bandung, Indonesia.
  4. Bintan, Indonesia.
  5. Denpasar, Indonesia.
  6. Gresik, Indonesia.
  7. Jakarta, Indonesia.
  8. Makassar, Indonesia.
  9. Medan, Indonesia.
  10. Padang, Indonesia.
  11. Palembang, Indonesia.
  12. Palu, Indonesia.
  13. Surabaya, Indonesia.
  14. Tangerang, Indonesia.
  15. Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Iraqi Kurdistan

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  1. Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan.


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  1. Eilat, Israel.
  2. Jerusalem, Israel.
  3. Netanya, Israel.
  4. Tel Aviv, Israel.


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  1. Nagaoka, Japan.
  2. Okinawa, Japan.
  3. Osaka, Japan.
  4. Sapporo, Japan.
  5. Tokyo, Japan.


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  1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


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  1. Kathmandu, Nepal.


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  1. Cainta, Philippines.
  2. Cebu City, Philippines.
  3. Lake Caliraya, Philippines.
  4. Manila, Philippines.
  5. Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines.
  6. Pakil, Laguna, Philippines.
  7. Quezon City, Philippines.


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  1. Taipei, Taiwan.


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  1. Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Buriram, Thailand.


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  1. Istanbul, Turkey.


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  1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


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  1. Bryansk, Russia
  2. Chelyabinsk, Russia
  3. Izhevsk, Russia
  4. Kaliningrad, Russia
  5. Kaluga, Russia
  6. Moscow, Russia
  7. Novosibirsk, Russia
  8. Orel, Russia
  9. Orenburg, Russia
  10. Samara, Russia
  11. Saratov, Russia
  12. Saint Petersburg, Russia
  13. Tula, Russia
  14. Vladivostok, Russia
  15. Volgograd, Russia


Return to top. See links. See also: Global Marijuana March Europe. 238 cities from 37 nations and subnational areas in Europe (and the North Atlantic) have signed up one or more years since 1999. Russia is in both Europe and Asia. 15 cities have signed up since 1999 from Russia. See cities in Global Marijuana March Russia. See also: Canary Islands. See:

Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bulgaria. Croatia. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Estonia. Faroe Islands. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Iceland. Ireland. Italy. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malta. Moldova. Netherlands. Northern Ireland. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Romania. Serbia. Sicily. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. United Kingdom. Ukraine. (Note: To edit this list click any city, or see Template:GMM cities Europe.)


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  1. Feldkirch, Austria.
  2. Innsbruck, Austria.
  3. Klagenfurt, Austria.
  4. Linz, Austria.
  5. Oberwart, Austria.
  6. Salzburg, Austria.
  7. Vienna, Austria.


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  1. Minsk, Belarus.


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  1. Antwerp, Belgium.
  2. Brussels, Belgium.
  3. Ghent, Belgium.
  4. Liege, Belgium.


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  1. Sofia, Bulgaria.


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  1. Zagreb, Croatia.

Czech Republic

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  1. Brno, Czech Republic.
  2. Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  3. Pilsen (or Plzen), Czech Republic.
  4. Prague, Czech Republic.


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  1. Nicosia, Cyprus.


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  1. Aarhus, Denmark.
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark.


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  1. Tallinn, Estonia.

Faroe Islands

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  1. Torshavn, Faroe Islands.


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  1. Helsinki, Finland.
  2. Jakobstad, Finland.
  3. Jyväskylä, Finland.
  4. Kuopio, Finland.
  5. Oulu, Finland.
  6. Pietarsaari, Finland.
  7. Tampere, Finland.
  8. Turku, Finland.


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See Nearby islands section of GMM map for Martinique and Guadeloupe.
  1. Aurillac, France.
  2. Bayonne, France.
  3. Bedous, France.
  4. Bordeaux, France.
  5. Caen, France.
  6. Chalon-sur-Saone, France.
  7. Chartres, France.
  8. Clermont-Ferrand, France.
  9. Cognac, France.
  10. Lille, France.
  11. Lyon, France.
  12. Marseille, France.
  13. Metz, France.
  14. Montpellier, France.
  15. Nancy, France.
  16. Nantes, France.
  17. Nice, France.
  18. Paris, France.
  19. Poitiers, France.
  20. Rennes, France.
  21. Reunion, France.
  22. Saint-Flour, Cantal, France.
  23. Strasbourg, France.
  24. Toulouse, France.
  25. Tours, France.
  26. Troyes, France.


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  1. Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany.
  2. Augsburg, Germany.
  3. Berlin, Germany.
  4. Braunschweig, Germany.
  5. Bremen, Germany.
  6. Cologne, Germany.
  7. Darmstadt, Germany.
  8. Dessau, Germany.
  9. Dortmund, Germany.
  10. Dresden, Germany.
  11. Duesseldorf, Germany.
  12. Duisburg, Germany.
  13. Ellwangen, Germany.
  14. Erfurt, Germany.
  15. Erlangen, Germany.
  16. Flensburg, Germany.
  17. Frankenthal, Germany.
  18. Frankfurt, Germany.
  19. Freiburg, Germany.
  20. Furth, Germany.
  21. Hamburg, Germany.
  22. Hanover, Germany.
  23. Heidelberg, Germany.
  24. Ingolstadt, Germany.
  25. Kempten, Germany.
  26. Kitzingen, Germany.
  27. Koblenz, Germany.
  28. Konstanz, Germany.
  29. Lauterbach, Hesse, Germany.
  30. Leipzig, Germany.
  31. Limburg an der Lahn, Germany.
  32. Ludwigshafen, Germany.
  33. Mainz, Germany.
  34. Mannheim, Germany.
  35. Marburg, Germany.
  36. Miesbach, Germany.
  37. Monchengladbach, Germany.
  38. Munich, Germany.
  39. Munster, Germany.
  40. Nuremberg, Germany.
  41. Osnabruck, Germany.
  42. Passau, Germany.
  43. Plauen, Germany.
  44. Potsdam, Germany.
  45. Recklinghausen, Germany.
  46. Regensburg, Germany.
  47. Rostock, Germany.
  48. Saarbrucken, Germany.
  49. Schwerin, Germany.
  50. Siegen, Germany.
  51. Solingen, Germany.
  52. Soltau, Germany.
  53. Stuttgart, Germany.
  54. Trier, Germany.
  55. Tubingen, Germany.
  56. Ulm, Germany.
  57. Viernheim, Germany.
  58. Viersen, Germany.
  59. Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.
  60. Weimar, Germany.
  61. Wildeshausen, Germany.
  62. Wittenberg, Germany.
  63. Wolfenbuttel, Germany.
  64. Wuppertal, Germany.
  65. Wurzburg, Germany.


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  1. Athens, Greece.
  2. Thessaloniki, Greece.
  3. Volos, Greece.


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  1. Budapest, Hungary.
  2. Debrecen, Hungary.
  3. Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
  4. Pecs, Hungary.
  5. Szeged, Hungary.
  6. Szombathely, Hungary.


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  1. Reykjavik, Iceland.


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  1. Cork, Ireland.
  2. Dublin, Ireland.


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  1. Bologna, Italy.
  2. Milan, Italy.
  3. Pordenone, Italy.
  4. Rome, Italy.
  5. Turin, Italy.


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  1. Vilnius, Lithuania.


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  1. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.


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  1. Valletta, Malta.


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  1. Chisinau, Moldova.


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  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  2. Enschede, Netherlands.
  3. Haarlem, Netherlands.
  4. Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  5. The Hague, Netherlands.
  6. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Northern Ireland

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  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  2. Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.


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  1. Bergen, Norway.
  2. Kristiansand, Norway.
  3. Oslo, Norway.
  4. Stavanger, Norway.
  5. Tromso, Norway.
  6. Trondheim, Norway.


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  1. Katowice, Poland.
  2. Krakow, Poland.
  3. Poznan, Poland.
  4. Warsaw, Poland.
  5. Zielona Gora, Poland.


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  1. Braga, Portugal.
  2. Coimbra, Portugal.
  3. Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Porto, Portugal.


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  1. Bucharest, Romania.
  2. Constanta, Romania.


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  1. Belgrade, Serbia.


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  1. Catania, Sicily.


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  1. Bratislava, Slovakia.


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  1. Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  2. Maribor, Slovenia.


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See cities in Canary Islands too.
  1. Alicante, Spain.
  2. Barcelona, Spain.
  3. Bilbao, Spain.
  4. Cadiz, Spain.
  5. Leon, Spain.
  6. Madrid, Spain.
  7. Malaga, Spain.
  8. Seville, Spain.
  9. Torrevieja, Spain.
  10. Vigo, Spain.
  11. Villarrobledo, Spain.
  12. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
  13. Zamora, Spain.
  14. Zaragoza, Spain.


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  1. Malmo, Sweden.
  2. Stockholm, Sweden.


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  1. Basel, Switzerland.
  2. Berne, Switzerland.
  3. Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
  4. Geneva, Switzerland.
  5. Lausanne, Switzerland.
  6. Locarno, Switzerland.
  7. Lucerne, Switzerland.
  8. Lugano, Switzerland.
  9. Sion, Switzerland.
  10. St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  11. Winterthur, Switzerland.
  12. Zurich, Switzerland.


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  1. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
  2. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
  3. Kyiv, Ukraine.
  4. Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.
  5. Odessa, Ukraine.
  6. Simferopol, Ukraine.
  7. Ternopil, Ukraine.

United Kingdom

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  1. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
  2. Bangor, Wales, UK.
  3. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  4. Birmingham, England, UK.
  5. Brighton, England, UK.
  6. Bristol, England, UK.
  7. Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  8. Clacton-on-Sea, England, UK.
  9. Coventry, England, UK.
  10. Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.
  11. Doncaster, England, UK.
  12. Durham, England, UK.
  13. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  14. Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  15. Glastonbury, England, UK.
  16. Hull, England, UK.
  17. Leeds, England, UK.
  18. Leicester, England, UK.
  19. Liverpool, England, UK.
  20. London, England, UK.
  21. Manchester, England, UK.
  22. Middlesbrough, England, UK.
  23. Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK.
  24. Nottingham, England, UK.
  25. Reading, England, UK.
  26. Shoreham-by-Sea, England, UK.
  27. Southampton, England, UK.
  28. Stafford, England, UK.
  29. Swansea, Wales, UK
  30. Telford, England, UK.
  31. Weymouth, England, UK.
  32. Worthing, England, UK.


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  1. Adelaide, Australia.
  2. Canberra, Australia.
  3. Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
  4. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
  5. Melbourne, Australia.
  6. Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia.
  7. Sydney, Australia.

French Polynesia

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  1. Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia.
  2. Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia.

New Zealand

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  1. Auckland, New Zealand.
  2. Christchurch, New Zealand.
  3. Dunedin, New Zealand.
  4. Hamilton, New Zealand.
  5. Hastings, New Zealand.
  6. Invercargill, New Zealand.
  7. Levin, New Zealand.
  8. Motueka, New Zealand.
  9. Napier, New Zealand.
  10. New Plymouth, New Zealand.
  11. Paeroa, New Zealand.
  12. Taupo, New Zealand.
  13. Tauranga, New Zealand.
  14. Wellington, New Zealand.
  15. Whakatane, New Zealand.
  16. Whangarei, New Zealand.

Latin America

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See nearby islands section farther down.
Cities with events anytime in the month of May are listed for some countries.


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  1. Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
  2. Bariloche, Argentina.
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  4. Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.
  5. Contagem, Argentina.
  6. Cordoba, Argentina.
  7. El Bolson, Argentina.
  8. Esquel, Argentina.
  9. Formosa, Argentina.
  10. Gonzalez Catan, Argentina.
  11. La Plata, Argentina.
  12. La Rioja, Argentina.
  13. Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  14. Mendoza, Argentina.
  15. Necochea, Argentina.
  16. Neuquen, Argentina.
  17. Obera, Argentina.
  18. Olavarria, Argentina.
  19. Parana, Argentina.
  20. Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  21. Posadas, Argentina.
  22. Resistencia, Argentina.
  23. Rio Cuarto, Argentina.
  24. Rio Gallegos, Argentina.
  25. Rio Grande, Argentina.
  26. Rosario, Argentina.
  27. Salta, Argentina.
  28. San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentina.
  29. San Juan, Argentina.
  30. San Luis, Argentina.
  31. San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.
  32. San Nicolas de los Arroyos, Argentina.
  33. San Pedro de Misiones, Argentina.
  34. San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina.
  35. Santa Fe, Argentina.
  36. Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina.
  37. Santiago del Estero, Argentina.
  38. Tandil, Argentina.
  39. Trelew, Argentina.
  40. Ushuaia, Argentina.
  41. Venado Tuerto, Argentina.
  42. Villa General Belgrano, Argentina.
  43. Villa Gesell, Argentina.


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  1. Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  2. La Paz, Bolivia.


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  1. Americana, Brazil.
  2. Aracaju, Brazil.
  3. Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  4. Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
  5. Blumenau, Brazil.
  6. Brasilia, Brazil.
  7. Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  8. Campo Grande, Brazil.
  9. Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil.
  10. Cuiaba, Brazil.
  11. Curitiba, Brazil.
  12. Diadema, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  13. Divinopolis, Brazil.
  14. Florianopolis, Brazil.
  15. Fortaleza, Brazil.
  16. Foz do Iguacu, Brazil.
  17. Goiania, Brazil.
  18. Guarulhos, Brazil.
  19. Itajuba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
  20. Joao Pessoa, Brazil.
  21. Joinville, Brazil.
  22. Juiz de Fora, Brazil.
  23. Jundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  24. Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  25. Macapa, Brazil.
  26. Maceio, Brazil.
  27. Manaus, Brazil.
  28. Mossoro, Brazil.
  29. Natal, Brazil.
  30. Niteroi, Brazil.
  31. Nova Iguacu, Brazil.
  32. Patos, Brazil.
  33. Petropolis, Brazil.
  34. Ponta Grossa, Brazil.
  35. Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  36. Presidente Prudente, Brazil.
  37. Recife, Brazil.
  38. Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.
  39. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  40. Rio Grande, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  41. Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
  42. Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
  43. Santos, Brazil.
  44. Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil.
  45. Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  46. Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil.
  47. Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  48. Teresina, Brazil.
  49. Uberlandia, Brazil.
  50. Vale do Aco, Brazil.
  51. Vicosa, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  52. Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
  53. Zona Sudoeste de Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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  1. Antofagasta, Chile.
  2. Arica, Chile.
  3. Calama, Chile.
  4. Chillan, Chile.
  5. Concepcion, Chile.
  6. Coquimbo, Chile.
  7. Iquique, Chile.
  8. Los Andes, Chile.
  9. Punta Arenas, Chile.
  10. Santiago, Chile.
  11. Talca, Chile.
  12. Temuco, Chile.
  13. Valdivia, Chile.
  14. Valparaiso, Chile.


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  1. Barrancabermeja, Colombia.
  2. Barranquilla, Colombia.
  3. Bogota, Colombia.
  4. Bucaramanga, Colombia.
  5. Cali, Colombia.
  6. Cartagena, Colombia.
  7. Ibague, Colombia.
  8. Manizales, Colombia.
  9. Medellin, Colombia.
  10. Pasto, Colombia.
  11. Pereira, Colombia.

Costa Rica

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  1. San Jose, Costa Rica.


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  1. Ambato, Ecuador.
  2. Guayaquil, Ecuador.
  3. Quito, Ecuador.

El Salvador

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  1. San Salvador, El Salvador.


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  1. Guatemala City, Guatemala.


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  1. Georgetown, Guyana.


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  1. Aguascalientes City, Mexico.
  2. Cancun, Mexico.
  3. Chihuahua City, Mexico.
  4. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
  5. Cuernavaca, Mexico.
  6. Gomez Palacio, Mexico.
  7. Guadalajara, Mexico.
  8. Huixquilucan, Mexico.
  9. Jalmolonga, Malinalco, Mexico.
  10. Leon, Mexico.
  11. Merida, Mexico.
  12. Mexicali, Mexico.
  13. Mexico City, Mexico.
  14. Monterrey, Mexico.
  15. Morelia, Mexico.
  16. Puebla, Mexico.
  17. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
  18. Rafael Lara Grajales, Mexico.
  19. Tepic, Mexico.
  20. Tepoztlan, Mexico.
  21. Tijuana, Mexico.
  22. Toluca, Mexico.
  23. Torreon, Mexico.
  24. Xalapa, Mexico.


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  1. Managua, Nicaragua.


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  1. Asuncion, Paraguay


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  1. Arequipa, Peru.
  2. Cusco, Peru.
  3. Huanchaco, Peru.
  4. Lima, Peru.
  5. Punta Sal, Peru.
  6. Tarapoto, Peru.
  7. Trujillo, Peru.


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  1. Florida, Uruguay.
  2. Fray Bentos, Uruguay.
  3. Montevideo, Uruguay.
  4. Paysandu, Uruguay.
  5. Salto, Uruguay.
  6. Tacuarembo, Uruguay.


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  1. Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
  2. Caracas, Venezuela.
  3. Maracaibo, Venezuela.
  4. Maracay, Venezuela.
  5. Merida, Venezuela.
  6. Valencia, Venezuela.

Nearby islands

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  1. Bermuda.
  2. Hamilton, Bermuda.


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  1. Guadeloupe, France.


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  1. Kingston, Jamaica.


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  1. Fort-de-France, Martinique.

Puerto Rico

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  1. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  2. Vega Alta, Puerto Rico.

Saint Lucia

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  1. Castries, Saint Lucia.
  2. Soufriere, Saint Lucia.
  3. Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia.

Trinidad and Tobago

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  1. Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

Northern America

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  • 62 cities from all 13 provinces and territories of Canada have signed up one or more years since 1999. (Note: To edit this list click any city, or see Template:GMM cities Canada.)

Abbotsford. Acton. Athabasca. Aylesford. Banff. Brantford. Calgary. Castlegar. Cranbrook. Dartmouth. Dauphin. Edmonton. Fort Erie. Grand Forks. Grande Prairie. Guelph. Halifax. Hamilton. Hearst. Innisfail. Iqaluit. Kamloops. Kelowna. Kingston. Kitchener. Ladysmith. Lethbridge. London. Medicine Hat. Moncton. Montreal. Moose Jaw. Nanaimo. Nelson. Niagara Falls. North Battleford. Oshawa. Ottawa. Penticton. Peterborough. Prince Edward Island, Canada. Prince George. Red Deer. Regina. Saint John. Sarnia. Saskatoon. St. Catharines. St. John's. Sturgeon Falls. Sudbury. Terrace. Thunder Bay. Timmins. Toronto. Vancouver. Victoria. Yellowknife. Whitehorse. Windsor. Winnipeg. Yarmouth.

More cites should be added to this list, since there have been many 420 events in Canada, and not all yearly GMM city lists included 420 events.

By provinces and territories:

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United States

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Alabama. Alaska. Arizona. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Delaware. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia. Hawaii. Idaho. Illinois. Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Michigan. Minnesota. Mississippi. Missouri. Montana. Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. North Dakota. Ohio. Oklahoma. Oregon. Pennsylvania. Rhode Island. South Carolina. South Dakota. Tennessee. Texas. Utah. Vermont. Virginia. Washington. West Virginia. Wisconsin. Wyoming. (Note: To edit this list click any city, or see Template:GMM cities USA.)

By state

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