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GMM: photos, basic city lists, maps, detailed city lists, years, regions, nations, links, graphics. Google images: Crowds, flyers: Marcha da Maconha. And: Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. And: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana. And: Global Marijuana March. Add city name to searches. See signup. And: Facebook hashtags: [15][16][17][18]. Twitter hashtags: [19][20][21][22][23]. Google Plus searches: [24][25][26]. Pinterest: [27][28].

GCM, GMM, MMM. First Saturday in May (or thereabouts). Cities and nations holding 4/20 events are included in the lists for later years. Yearly maps: 41 nations participated on April 20 and May 4, 2019, or thereabouts. 42 nations participated on May 5, 2018, or thereabouts. 42 nations participated on May 6, 2017, or thereabouts. 45 nations participated on May 7, 2016, or thereabouts. 43 nations participated on May 2, 2015, or thereabouts. 213 cities from 43 nations signed up for May 3, 2014 or thereabouts. 229 cities from 43 nations signed up for May 4, 2013 or thereabouts. 177 cities from 34 nations signed up for May 5, 2012 or thereabouts. 274 cities for May 7, 2011. 328 cities for May 1, 2010. 270 for May 2, 2009. 240 for May 3, 2008. 230 for May 5, 2007. 203 for May 6, 2006. 184 for May 7, 2005. 165 for May 1, 2004. 235 for May 3, 2003. 199 for May 4, 2002. 119 for May 5, 2001. 104 for May 6, 2000. 31 for May 1, 1999.
Browse GCM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000.

Global Million Marijuana March. GMM Facebook pages. GMM yearly city totals. Many GMM links. See also: 420 event lists. And: More cannabis-related links. And: Google News archives. And: GMM on Wikipedia. Google (add name of city to searches): [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36]. [37]. Google maps: city, state, nation. Photos, graphics, and image searches. Share link: Image search. Marijuana March: [38] [39] [40] [41]. Marihuana March: [42] [43] [44]. Marcha Marihuana (Spanish): [45] [46] [47] [48]. Marche Mondiale Cannabis (French): [49] [50] [51]. Marche Mondiale Marijuana (French): [52] [53] [54]. Marcha Maconha or Marcha Marijuana (Portuguese): [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] [60]. Google Advanced Image Search. And: Flickr advanced image search. Has "date taken" search too. Pinterest: [61][62][63][64]. GMM Blogs: [65]. Travel blogs with photos: [66]. Wikipedia: Legality of cannabis by country: - many cities worldwide. Old Yahoo Groups: [67] [68] [69]. Basic city lists by year. Marijuana polls. And: Wiki upload posters, flyers, and banners. See also Wikimedia upload.
1034 cities have participated from 85 different nations or subnational areas since 1999. Wikipedia: Cannabis by country.

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Some GMM and 4/20 organizers. Facebook pages, etc.. Native languages indicated. English: Dana Beal (USA). Narina Walls (in Mexico. From South Africa). Aron Kay[70] (USA). Max Stone (Australia). Imiël Khaya Visser (South Africa). Andre du Plessis (South Africa). Timeshifter (USA) - wiki, 2. talk, 2. German: Martin Steldinger (Germany). Steffen Geyer (Germany). French: Allu Marine (France). Farid Ghehioueche (France). Norwegian: Piotr Gleichgewicht (Norway). Swedish: Michael K Bravin (Sweden). Danish: Klaus Trier Tuxen (Denmark).Czech: Robert Veverka [71] (Czech Republic). Italian: Giovanni Foresti (Italy). Filipino: Maria Noriza (Philippines). More to come. See talk.

See also: 2019 page editors. The Global Cannabis March (GCM or GMM) is the first Saturday in May or thereabouts. 420 events are on April 20 or thereabouts.

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1034 cities have participated from 85 different nations or subnational areas since 1999. - Many Facebook links are found on city and country pages.

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The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is also known as the Million Marijuana March (MMM), and Global Cannabis March (GCM). Other names, and associated events (some have been around longer than GCM): World Cannabis Day, Cannabis Liberation Day, Cannabis Parade, Ganja Day, J Day, MardiGrass, etc.. GMM occurs on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, depending on the city and country. It began in 1999. See New York City, Dana Beal, and Wikipedia: Global Marijuana March. It may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals, information tables, and more. The six main demands: stop all cannabis arrests; stop the lies; release the medicine; heal the sick; end the prison state; Cures Not Wars. See ibogaine. And Facebook: Ibogaine Universe!!!! See GMM links for many links for event maps, reports, crowd photos, videos, GMM graphics, press/media, 420 graphics, etc.. See flat lists. See GMM Facebook. See to find archived reports by entering the URL. See report compilations: 420 and Global Marijuana March event lists by year. See also: Wikipedia: Legality of cannabis by country. Please let us know of missing cities for any year: Talk. Wikipedia: Cannabis by country.

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2011 GMM in France. Marche Mondiale du Cannabis. Image is derived from Liberty Leading the People.

GMM cities in Europe[edit]

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Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bulgaria. Croatia. Cyprus. Czech Republic. Denmark. Estonia. Faroe Islands. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Hungary. Iceland. Ireland. Italy. Lithuania. Luxembourg. Malta. Moldova. Netherlands. Northern Ireland. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Romania. Serbia. Sicily. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. United Kingdom. Ukraine. (Note: To edit this list click any city, or see Template:GMM cities Europe.)


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  1. Feldkirch, Austria.
  2. Innsbruck, Austria.
  3. Klagenfurt, Austria.
  4. Linz, Austria.
  5. Oberwart, Austria.
  6. Salzburg, Austria.
  7. Vienna, Austria.


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  1. Minsk, Belarus.


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  1. Antwerp, Belgium.
  2. Brussels, Belgium.
  3. Ghent, Belgium.
  4. Liege, Belgium.


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  1. Sofia, Bulgaria.


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  1. Zagreb, Croatia.

Czech Republic[edit]

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  1. Brno, Czech Republic.
  2. Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  3. Pilsen (or Plzen), Czech Republic.
  4. Prague, Czech Republic.


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  1. Nicosia, Cyprus.


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  1. Aarhus, Denmark.
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark.


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  1. Tallinn, Estonia.

Faroe Islands[edit]

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  1. Torshavn, Faroe Islands.


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  1. Helsinki, Finland.
  2. Jakobstad, Finland.
  3. Jyväskylä, Finland.
  4. Kuopio, Finland.
  5. Oulu, Finland.
  6. Pietarsaari, Finland.
  7. Tampere, Finland.
  8. Turku, Finland.


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See Nearby islands section of GMM map for Martinique and Guadeloupe.
  1. Aurillac, France.
  2. Bayonne, France.
  3. Bedous, France.
  4. Bordeaux, France.
  5. Caen, France.
  6. Chalon-sur-Saone, France.
  7. Chartres, France.
  8. Clermont-Ferrand, France.
  9. Cognac, France.
  10. Lille, France.
  11. Lyon, France.
  12. Marseille, France.
  13. Metz, France.
  14. Montpellier, France.
  15. Nancy, France.
  16. Nantes, France.
  17. Nice, France.
  18. Paris, France.
  19. Poitiers, France.
  20. Rennes, France.
  21. Reunion, France.
  22. Saint-Flour, Cantal, France.
  23. Strasbourg, France.
  24. Toulouse, France.
  25. Tours, France.
  26. Troyes, France.


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  1. Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany.
  2. Augsburg, Germany.
  3. Berlin, Germany.
  4. Braunschweig, Germany.
  5. Bremen, Germany.
  6. Cologne, Germany.
  7. Darmstadt, Germany.
  8. Dessau, Germany.
  9. Dortmund, Germany.
  10. Dresden, Germany.
  11. Duesseldorf, Germany.
  12. Duisburg, Germany.
  13. Ellwangen, Germany.
  14. Erfurt, Germany.
  15. Erlangen, Germany.
  16. Flensburg, Germany.
  17. Frankenthal, Germany.
  18. Frankfurt, Germany.
  19. Freiburg, Germany.
  20. Furth, Germany.
  21. Hamburg, Germany.
  22. Hanover, Germany.
  23. Heidelberg, Germany.
  24. Ingolstadt, Germany.
  25. Kempten, Germany.
  26. Kitzingen, Germany.
  27. Koblenz, Germany.
  28. Konstanz, Germany.
  29. Lauterbach, Hesse, Germany.
  30. Leipzig, Germany.
  31. Limburg an der Lahn, Germany.
  32. Ludwigshafen, Germany.
  33. Mainz, Germany.
  34. Mannheim, Germany.
  35. Marburg, Germany.
  36. Miesbach, Germany.
  37. Monchengladbach, Germany.
  38. Munich, Germany.
  39. Munster, Germany.
  40. Nuremberg, Germany.
  41. Osnabruck, Germany.
  42. Passau, Germany.
  43. Plauen, Germany.
  44. Potsdam, Germany.
  45. Recklinghausen, Germany.
  46. Regensburg, Germany.
  47. Rostock, Germany.
  48. Saarbrucken, Germany.
  49. Schwerin, Germany.
  50. Siegen, Germany.
  51. Solingen, Germany.
  52. Soltau, Germany.
  53. Stuttgart, Germany.
  54. Trier, Germany.
  55. Tubingen, Germany.
  56. Ulm, Germany.
  57. Viernheim, Germany.
  58. Viersen, Germany.
  59. Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.
  60. Weimar, Germany.
  61. Wildeshausen, Germany.
  62. Wittenberg, Germany.
  63. Wolfenbuttel, Germany.
  64. Wuppertal, Germany.
  65. Wurzburg, Germany.


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  1. Athens, Greece.
  2. Thessaloniki, Greece.
  3. Volos, Greece.


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  1. Budapest, Hungary.
  2. Debrecen, Hungary.
  3. Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
  4. Pecs, Hungary.
  5. Szeged, Hungary.
  6. Szombathely, Hungary.


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  1. Reykjavik, Iceland.


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  1. Cork, Ireland.
  2. Dublin, Ireland.


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  1. Bologna, Italy.
  2. Milan, Italy.
  3. Pordenone, Italy.
  4. Rome, Italy.
  5. Turin, Italy.


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  1. Vilnius, Lithuania.


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  1. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.


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  1. Valletta, Malta.


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  1. Chisinau, Moldova.


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  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  2. Enschede, Netherlands.
  3. Haarlem, Netherlands.
  4. Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  5. The Hague, Netherlands.
  6. Utrecht, Netherlands.

Northern Ireland[edit]

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  1. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  2. Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.


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  1. Bergen, Norway.
  2. Kristiansand, Norway.
  3. Oslo, Norway.
  4. Stavanger, Norway.
  5. Tromso, Norway.
  6. Trondheim, Norway.


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  1. Katowice, Poland.
  2. Krakow, Poland.
  3. Poznan, Poland.
  4. Warsaw, Poland.
  5. Zielona Gora, Poland.


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  1. Braga, Portugal.
  2. Coimbra, Portugal.
  3. Lisbon, Portugal.
  4. Porto, Portugal.


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  1. Bucharest, Romania.
  2. Constanta, Romania.


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  1. Belgrade, Serbia.


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  1. Catania, Sicily.


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  1. Bratislava, Slovakia.


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  1. Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  2. Maribor, Slovenia.


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See cities in Canary Islands too.
  1. Alicante, Spain.
  2. Barcelona, Spain.
  3. Bilbao, Spain.
  4. Cadiz, Spain.
  5. Leon, Spain.
  6. Madrid, Spain.
  7. Malaga, Spain.
  8. Seville, Spain.
  9. Torrevieja, Spain.
  10. Vigo, Spain.
  11. Villarrobledo, Spain.
  12. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
  13. Zamora, Spain.
  14. Zaragoza, Spain.


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  1. Malmo, Sweden.
  2. Stockholm, Sweden.


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  1. Basel, Switzerland.
  2. Berne, Switzerland.
  3. Biel/Bienne, Switzerland.
  4. Geneva, Switzerland.
  5. Lausanne, Switzerland.
  6. Locarno, Switzerland.
  7. Lucerne, Switzerland.
  8. Lugano, Switzerland.
  9. Sion, Switzerland.
  10. St. Gallen, Switzerland.
  11. Winterthur, Switzerland.
  12. Zurich, Switzerland.


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  1. Chernivtsi, Ukraine.
  2. Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.
  3. Kiev, Ukraine.
  4. Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine.
  5. Odessa, Ukraine.
  6. Simferopol, Ukraine.
  7. Ternopil, Ukraine.

United Kingdom[edit]

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  1. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
  2. Bangor, Wales, UK.
  3. Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
  4. Birmingham, England, UK.
  5. Brighton, England, UK.
  6. Bristol, England, UK.
  7. Cardiff, Wales, UK.
  8. Clacton-on-Sea, England, UK.
  9. Coventry, England, UK.
  10. Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.
  11. Doncaster, England, UK.
  12. Durham, England, UK.
  13. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
  14. Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
  15. Glastonbury, England, UK.
  16. Hull, England, UK.
  17. Leeds, England, UK.
  18. Leicester, England, UK.
  19. Liverpool, England, UK.
  20. London, England, UK.
  21. Manchester, England, UK.
  22. Middlesbrough, England, UK.
  23. Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK.
  24. Nottingham, England, UK.
  25. Reading, England, UK.
  26. Shoreham-by-Sea, England, UK.
  27. Southampton, England, UK.
  28. Stafford, England, UK.
  29. Swansea, Wales, UK
  30. Telford, England, UK.
  31. Weymouth, England, UK.
  32. Worthing, England, UK.

GMM cities in Russia[edit]

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See: Global Marijuana March Russia


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