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News and video searches[edit]

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See: Youtube, Google, and Google News search shortcuts.[edit]

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Google searches of -- Note that the GMM or MMM phrase, or the year, may be found in a comment, and not in the article itself. In the Google search results list one can tell which articles are more recent by the thread number in the URL. The higher the thread number, the more recent the article.

Google News archives[edit]

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Past Google News results for the Global Marijuana March:

Searching many years[edit]

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Google News. Advanced news search. See Help.

Searching recent news[edit]

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Google News searches for recent news. Google News pulls up a few weeks of news with their recent news searches.

Google and Youtube video searches[edit]

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Note the URL patterns for Google and Youtube video searches:

Search for marijuana march videos. And more.
Find GMM graphics and other event graphics for any city.

More news, photos, links[edit]

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  • Global Marijuana March maps by year. Most of these city lists also have sections for news compilations.
  • See the GMM photo compilations put out by the news media. There are links inside this box:
  • See the links and searches found herein:


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