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Filenames for event graphics (posters, banners, flyers)[edit]

Put the city and then year first in filenames. This way the posters, flyers, and banners are alphabetized by city. See:

More filename info:

  1. city
  2. year of the event
  3. month and day of the event
  4. date or event name or acronym (GMM)
  5. state, province, or nation
  6. number (2, 3, 4, etc.. If more than one image for a city event in a particular year).

Filenames for photos of event participants and crowds[edit]

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Same as above, but add "crowd" at the end.

Link or upload posters, flyers, and banners[edit]

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Upload file. Link is also in the left sidebar.

Use the main GMM Facebook pages to post flyers, or to link to them.


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