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Manley Hot Springs: e-mail: budzillaman420(at)


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  • Report (from old GMM site):

This years march was 15 consecutive years for us here in Manley Hot Springs ! The march started at 1:30 P.M. on the North end of the bridge crossing Hot Springs Slough and followed our usual route to the U.S. Post Office building in the center of town. While we had several participants due to the small size of our community only 2 would participate in a photo to be submitted here. As the march ended at the Post office there were several community members there and we engaged in lively discussions as to the general benefits of Medical use, recreational use, and the fact that in Alaska it is legal to indulge within the privacy of your home. Sales, transport, gifts are not allowed but still the right to privacy in the State Constitution prevails. Alaska is also one of the 11 U.S. states that have medical Use laws on the books.

Following the march there was the usual gathering at the river which was not frozen this year as the ice had went out 2 days earlier. Those there enjoyed each others company , the good vibe and sense of coming together to support something that we believe in. Our goal as always is to increase awareness of responsible cannabis use, increase our participants for next year and as always.


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  • Report (from old GMM site):

The March began shortly after 2 P.M. from the east end of the bridge at Hot Springs Slough. Due to the small size of our community (50 year round residents) only 3 people participated in the actual march, although we did make quite a racket and got the attention of other residents on our way to the U.S. Post Office building, because of the small size of our community only one would participate in a photo. We then moved our Rally down to the river landing where our group quickly expanded to about 10 adults.(20% of our pop) The music, food, and vibe flowed freely amongst all while enjoying each others company on a nice afternoon waiting for the ice to go out on the still frozen Tanana River. Our goal is to increase our marchers for next year. We thank all those who marched around the world for helping the cause of individual rights and freedoms!

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