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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Share link: Philippines

Click for more Philippines event graphics and photos by year.
Source: Graphics at end of CNN article. 2017.
Philippines GMM 3.jpg
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Global Marijuana March[edit]

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1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

Dove cannabis earth.jpgCures not wars.jpgHerbie.gif Global Marijuana March animated.gif

GCM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 21.22. Yearly event links in many cases will no longer be added to city pages due to the amount of work involved. Such links are found in the yearly city lists and maps. Graphics and crowd photos will also no longer be added to city pages in many cases. Graphics and photos can be found in this alphabetical flat list.

Philippine Drug War[edit]

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On Tuesday the firebrand Philippines President, who welcomed a returning group of overseas workers from Saudi Arabia, said: "If you lose your job, I'll give you one. Kill all the drug addicts." The President was also reportedly overheard saying to the workers at Ninoy Aquino International Airport: "Help me kill addicts" and "Let's kill addicts everyday," the Philippine Star reported. He then handed out envelopes containing 10,000 Pesos (NZ$268) to 150 workers. ... "He has made repeated calls on the public to kill drug addicts as part of his anti-drug campaign." ... "If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful," Duterte said on June 30. ... More than 7000 people have died in the war on drugs.

Philippines Votes to Legalize Medical Marijuana in Middle of Brutal Drug War that has killed 7000. By Eleanor Ross. March 9, 2017. Newsweek.

'Democracy Demands Dissent': Philippine Vice President Condemns Duterte's Drug War in Q&A With TIME. By Joseph Hincks. Mar 14, 2017. Time magazine.

'Democracy Demands Dissent': Philippine Vice President Condemns Duterte's Drug War in Q&A With TIME. By Joseph Hincks, March 15, 2017. Time magazine.

Philippines. Duterte: Hitler killed millions of Jews, I will kill millions of drug addicts. By Emily Rauhala, September 30, 2016. Washington Post.

Philippines President calls Obama a "son of a whore" concerning 2,400 drug user killings 2.. Duterte says he is no American puppet. 5-6 September 2016 articles.

See maps, charts, and lists of dead.
Obama to meet Philippines President Duterte, raise issue of 1,900 drug war killings.. By Ben Westcott, Aug. 30, 2016. CNN. Many videos, and graphics:

More graphics at end of another CNN article.

  • Duterte motorcycle Davao.jpg
  • Duterte assassination of journalists.jpg
  • Duterte on gay son of a bitch ambassador.jpg
  • Duterte says he is part of a death squad.jpg
  • Duterte should have been first in gang rape.jpg
Duterte says he is part of a death squad 2.jpg
Wikipedia: Philippine Drug War.
1,800 People killed since May 10, 2016 in the Philippines’ War on Drugs.. Time magazine. Aug. 23, 2016. 2.3. See maps, lists of dead.
Jennelyn Olaires hugs murdered partner Michael Siaron, 30, killed by presidential Philippines death squad in July 2016.jpg
Philippines President Calls On Civilians To Kill Drug Addicts. By Sebastian Murdock, Huffington Post, July 1, 2016. On first day in office Philippines President Duterte Asks Civilians To Kill Drug Addicts. As mayor, he approved of death squads that killed 1000 people. Wanted to be first in gang rape of "beautiful" Australian missionary who died. Ambassadors condemn remarks. Duterte calls one a gay son of a bitch. 2.

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