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See also: End drug war with universal healthcare and decriminalization. And: Canadian single-payer universal healthcare versus US healthcare. And: Canadian single-payer healthcare and Portuguese drug decriminalization.

Portugal decriminalized possession of drugs in 2001.
See also: Wikipedia: Drug policy of Portugal and Wikipedia: Healthcare in Portugal and Wikipedia: Health in Portugal. See: Wikipedia: Harm reduction. Google search: Portugal decriminalization.

There were around 106,800 US drug overdose deaths in the year ending September 30, 2022. 293 per day. Only around 30 to 55 per year in Portugal, a country with universal healthcare, and where all drugs have been decriminalized since 2001. See table of latest European overdose numbers by country here. Click "Current situation", and then the table icon to the right of "Gender". And for a timeline table click "Trends" and then: EMCDDA 'Selection B'.


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