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See GMM 2009, archive, 2. South Bend: Jay 269-697-4521 jay99hoo(at) or Phillip Lane a1philiplane(at) . Seitz Park at Jefferson Ave. bridge downtown. Noon to dusk rally. March at 4:20pm ending with Rainbow Farm Memorial Drum Circle.

  • Emailed report: South Bend Liberation Day results. Organized by Jay Statzer, Cures not Wars. Start time was rescheduled to 4:21pm this year so Jay could organize Dana-AID and help Benton Harbor get their first event off to a good start and then drive back. Arriving at the park at about 5:00pm I got 2 Peace Officers joined with 22 participants to march along the East Race and chant at some intersections downtown. Then we circled back to the park's parking lot for handout of posters and literature and many sign ups for next year. No police or press. The only problem was Moses not being able to get there to catch people that saw the noon start time in the ads. With no materials or staff to shepherd we probably lost at least ten participants and staff.


See 2008 GMM, archive, 2. South Bend: Jay 269-697-4521 jay99hoo(at) or Phillip Lane a1philiplane(at) . Seitz Park 4:00pm till march time gather for sidewalk march along East Race downtown to Morris Civic Center for Rainbow Farm Memorial Drum Circle.

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