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  1. File:India. During the festival of Holi.jpg
  2. File:The big divide.jpg
  3. File:Raising the minimum wage.jpg
  4. File:Luke Scarmazzo.jpg
  5. File:Yoko Ono tweet on Dec 8, 2020.jpg
  6. File:I'm starting to think Trump might not release his healthcare plan.png
  7. File:Medicare For All and keeping babies alive.png
  8. File:Exorbitant insulin cost increases. I die in 48 hours without it.jpg
  9. File:Last words. Who's going to pay for it.jpg
  10. File:Insulin. $500 a month. In ICU with diabetic ketoacidosis.jpg
  11. Template:Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security
  12. File:Milla Jovovich in 1994.jpg
  13. File:1 of 3 US GoFundMe campaigns for medical bills.jpg
  14. File:US healthcare system took all of our savings and retirement.jpg
  15. File:News. Marijuana is OK now.jpg
  16. File:Richard DeLisi. Longest-serving nonviolent cannabis prisoner released.jpg
  17. File:UN cannabis vote by country on December 2, 2020.jpg
  18. File:Student loan debt and tax cuts for billionaires.jpg
  19. File:Student loan debt and medical debt.jpg
  20. File:I'm just a bill sitting here on Capitol Hill.jpg
  21. File:Uninsured paycheck to paycheck.jpg
  22. File:Average worker in the US makes less today.jpg
  23. File:Longest-serving US cannabis offender to be released early from 90-year prison sentence.jpg
  24. File:Thailand. Buddhist monk flashing the 3-finger Hunger Games salute.jpg
  25. File:Trump sign in the dumpster.jpg
  26. File:Red wine and olive oil.jpg
  27. File:Joke about trickle down economics.jpg
  28. File:Raphael Warnock for U.S. Senate.jpg
  29. File:Jon Ossof for U.S. Senate.jpg
  30. File:America embraces cannabis, and dumps Trump.jpg
  31. File:Donald Trump promised.jpg
  32. File:The real looting.jpg
  33. File:Trump paid taxes in China.jpg
  34. File:The Koch family.jpg
  35. File:Anxiety buildup.jpg
  36. File:US bigotry.jpg
  37. File:Since 1979 productivity has grown six times more than worker pay.png
  38. File:Jeff Bezos during the pandemic.jpg
  39. File:US billionaires in 2009 and 2020.jpg
  40. File:My son, one day you will understand and appreciate what I do for you today.jpg
  41. File:Federal income taxes paid by corporations a year after Trump tax plan.jpg
  42. File:Mexico City marijuana garden next to Senate.jpg
  43. File:Change in wealth during the Covid-19 pandemic.png
  44. File:$50 trillion to the top 1%.png
  45. File:Bernie Sanders. Here's a radical idea.jpg
  46. File:Dump Trump 2020.jpg
  47. File:Remember! Only you can prevent a stupid ass President.jpg
  48. File:South Africa 2020 Sep 12-19. Global Cannabis E-Protest 2.jpg
  49. File:Examples of Trump just making stuff up. Make America Great Again.jpg
  50. File:South Dakota. November 2020 ballot initiatives flyer.jpg