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This is a test folder for testing imports via "Destination root page" option in Special:Import. Can enter just "Test" in that spot.

All pages and file description pages will be imported to the Cannabis Wiki. All of them will have the same filenames, but will be in the "Test" folder as subpages. For example; when using Special:Export to export from

The imports end up here:

All of the pages have "Test" as a link near the top of the upper left corner of the pages. The "Test" link goes to the page you are reading now.

Most of the images on the portal and template pages showed up fine since they had been uploaded correctly long ago. I deleted all the new image description pages (except one) since they did not have the images (due to not starting with "File").

I deleted the template and portal pages too since they are old pages, and may confuse people stumbling upon them.