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More weirdness

Click the source links for the video just below, and increase the size and resolution. You will get higher quality video, and sometimes sound. The words are sometimes clearer, too. "Let's get electrified..." You can also click the expand icon at the bottom right to watch the video full screen.

Afrika Shox. By Leftfield and Afrika Bambaata. Youtube link. See DailyMotion link too.

Bourne movies and Moby

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Music: Extreme Ways by Moby. For the Jason Bourne series of movies. Youtube link.

Dual-layer weirdness

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"Hammer into Anvil."
Number 6 (Patrick McGoohan) exacts his revenge on number 2...

YouTube link. View the full episode 10:

Video gallery

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Wicked Garden, by Stone Temple Pilots. Youtube link. See lyrics.

"Come On, Come On (Dean & Britta Remix) (feat. Britta Phillips)." From Come On, Come On (Part II) - EP by Scott Hardkiss. YouTube link. This video may begin to stutter after one minute 7 seconds for some people viewing this. Opening YouTube link does not seem to help. Instead, skip ahead to around 2 minutes 15 seconds into the video. Also, a high-quality, audio-only version can be streamed or downloaded here.

YouTube link. "Hey Deejay! / Genius of Love" by Scott Hardkiss live @ The Underwater Ball, Brooklyn. "Hey Deejay!" is from Technicolor Dreamer. At 4 minutes 32 seconds "Genius of Love" is covered. It was done originally by Tom Tom Club. See lyrics. See MTV video (lyrics censored).

Tom Tom Club - "Genius of Love". The original club mix. See lyrics. Youtube link.

"Just Imagine" by Hungry Lucy from Pulse of the Earth. See lyrics. YouTube link. Many free Hungry Lucy songs: commons:Category:Hungry Lucy. Click the play button, and then "more" if you want to download.