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Global Marijuana March animated.gif
Bernie Sanders To introduce Senate legislation to remove marijuana altogether from the federal outlawed drugs list. 1.2.3.

Another South African Joins the Constitutional Fight to Legalize Dagga (Marijuana). And: Costa Rica Legalizing Growing Marijuana for Personal Use?

Quentin Tarantino 2015 Oct 22.jpg
Quentin Tarantino Blasts Killings by Cops as Nationwide Police State Protest Kicks Off 1. Youtube: Tarantino - War on Drugs is Like Slavery. And: Maps of USA showing areas of violence and oppression.

Bernie Sanders: "I am not unfavorably disposed to moving towards the legalization of marijuana." And: Obama Tells Outdated Opioid Treatment Industry It's Time To Change. See transcript and video.

Canadian election. Trudeau's party crushes Harper conservatives. Goodbye F-35s, hello marijuana [1][2]. And: Australia: Federal Government to legalise growing of medicinal cannabis [3]. And: Bernie Sanders supports Single-Payer Healthcare, the cheapest universal healthcare. Republican politicians prefer the bribes of the useless health insurance industry. Portugal, the nation that decriminalized drugs, has universal healthcare, and anybody can get drug treatment. Wikipedia: Comparison of the health care systems in Canada and the USA.

Crime chart timeline.png

Coalition of top cops against mass incarceration [4][5][6] - Home. And: Texas Students Reach For Sex Toys To Protest Concealed Carry Law. --> NRA dildos helped create some of the mandatory minimum sentences responsible for life for pot sentences.

List of countries and U.S. states by incarceration rate. And: List of U.S. states by homicide rate. And: Firearm death rates in the US by state. And: List of countries by intentional homicide rate.

Where have all the burglars gone? 23. In contrast to NRA and GOP mass incarceration this is lowering crime rates in countries with far lower incarceration rates.

USA. Life in prison for selling marijuana: Meet the people new pot laws forgot [7]. And: Hell Freezes Over! Feds to Free Thousands of Drug War Prisoners By Month's End. 46,000 will eventually get early release. Ohio's Republican Attorney General sues Toledo to overturn marijuana decrim [8].

Cut taxes for most Americans, and reduce income inequality (see timeline). Do so by increasing taxes on the rich, and cutting spending:
Republican big spending: Wars, drug wars, and US healthcare and incarceration costs. Wikipedia: Comparison of U.S. incarceration rate with other countries.