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The auto numbering CSS used is found here:

CSS is in the section titled "Easy method of auto numbering of table rows".

class="sortable autonumber"

Click the 4/20 or GMM column header a few times to put all the cities with 420 events or GMM events at the top, and in alphabetical order.

It seems to work best when one first clicks the City column header until the cities are back in A-Z alphabetical order. Then go to the GMM or 420 column.


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City 4/20 GMM
Albany, New York, USA. GMM
Alva, Oklahoma, USA.
Amsterdam, Netherlands. 420
Antofagasta, Chile. GMM
Antwerp, Belgium. GMM
Athens, Greece GMM
Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 420 GMM
Auckland, New Zealand. ** GMM
Austin, Texas, USA. GMM
Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
Balikpapan, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Banda Aceh, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Bandung, Indonesia. 420
Barcelona, Spain. GMM
Bayonne, France. GMM
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. 420
Belo Horizonte, Brazil. GMM
Berlin, Germany.
Bintan, Indonesia. 420
Bogota, Colombia.
Boise, Idaho, USA. GMM
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA. 420 GMM
Brantford, Ontario, Canada. 420
Brasilia, Brazil. GMM
Bratislava, Slovakia. GMM
Bremen, Germany.
Bucaramanga, Colombia. GMM
Buenos Aires, Argentina. GMM
Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 420 GMM
Campinas, Brazil. GMM
Cape Town, South Africa. GMM
Cardiff, Wales, UK.
Chicago, Illinois, USA. GMM
Chico, California, USA.
Christchurch, New Zealand. ** GMM
Cleveland, Ohio, USA. GMM
Cologne, Germany.
Copenhagen, Denmark. 420 GMM
Corvallis, Oregon, USA GMM
Dallas, Texas, USA.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 420
Denver, Colorado, USA. 420 GMM
Des Moines, Iowa, USA. GMM
Detroit, Michigan, USA. GMM
Dortmund, Germany.
Dresden, Germany.
Dunedin, New Zealand. ** GMM
Durban, South Africa. GMM
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 420
El Paso, Texas, USA GMM
Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan GMM
Erlangen, Germany. GMM
Eugene, Oregon, USA. GMM
Fort-de-France, Martinique. GMM
Fort Worth, Texas, USA. GMM
Fortaleza, Brazil. GMM
Frankfurt, Germany. GMM
Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 420
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. 420
Guadalajara, Mexico. 420 GMM
Guarulhos, Brazil. GMM
Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 420
Hamilton, New Zealand. ** GMM
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 420
Hanover, Germany. GMM
Hartford, Connecticut, USA. GMM
Hastings, New Zealand. ** GMM
Heidelberg, Germany.
Helsinki, Finland. GMM
Ibague, Colombia. GMM
Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada.
Jackson, Mississippi, USA. GMM
Jakarta, Indonesia. ** 420 GMM
Jogja, Indonesia. 420
Johannesburg, South Africa ** 420
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. 420
Kingston, Jamaica. 420 GMM
Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 420
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia GMM
La Plata, Argentina.
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. 420
Lille, France. GMM
Lima, Peru. GMM
London, England, UK. 420
Los Angeles, California, USA GMM
Louisville, Kentucky, USA. GMM
Lyon, France. GMM
Madrid, Spain. GMM
Makassar, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Manizales, Colombia. GMM
Marseille, France. GMM
Medan, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Medellin, Colombia. GMM
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. GMM
Metz, France. GMM
Mexico City, Mexico. 420 GMM
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. GMM
Montevideo, Uruguay. GMM
Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 420
Munich, Germany.
New Plymouth, New Zealand. ** GMM
New York City, New York, USA. 420 GMM
Newark, Delaware, USA. GMM
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. 420
Nicosia-Lefkosia, Cyprus. GMM
Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia. GMM
Niteroi, Brazil GMM
Omaha, Nebraska, USA. GMM
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 420
Palembang, Indonesia. 420
Palu, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Paris, France. GMM
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. 420
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. 420
Phoenix, Arizona, USA. GMM
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. GMM
Portland, Oregon, USA. GMM
Prague, Czech Republic. GMM
Quito, Ecuador. 420 GMM
Reading, England, UK. GMM
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. GMM
Redding, California, USA. GMM
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. 420
Rennes, France. GMM
Reunion, France. GMM
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil GMM
Rome, Italy. GMM
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
Salem, Oregon, USA. GMM
San Bernardino, California, USA. 420
San Jose, Costa Rica. GMM
San Juan, Puerto Rico. 420
San Salvador, El Salvador. GMM
San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina. GMM
Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil GMM
Sao Paulo, Brazil. 420 GMM
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. 420
Seattle, Washington, USA. GMM
St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 420
Surabaya, Indonesia. 420 GMM
Tangerang, Indonesia. 420
Taupo, New Zealand. ** GMM
Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. 420
Tokyo, Japan. GMM
Topeka, Kansas, USA. GMM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 420 GMM
Toulouse, France. GMM
Tours, France. GMM
Trenton, New Jersey, USA. 420
Turku, Finland. GMM
Ulm, Germany.
Valdivia, Chile. 420 GMM
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 420 GMM
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 420
Vienna, Austria. GMM
Villarrobledo, Spain GMM
Warsaw, Poland. GMM
Washington, District of Columbia, USA. 420
Wellington, New Zealand. ** GMM
Whakatane, New Zealand. ** GMM
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 420
Wuppertal, Germany.
Wurzburg, Germany.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. 420
Zaragoza, Spain.