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City list page editors

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See: City list editors and editing rights

If this is enabled, then the city list editors can add cities and event links directly to the latest city list template. Otherwise people can add event links to the yearly city list talk page, or to the main talk page.

  • List of admins on the Cannabis Wiki. Pick "Protected editors" from group dropdown in order to see who can edit partially protected pages such as some of the city lists.

Register a user name

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Register a user name.

Ask to be a city list page editor at the main talk page. Or at User talk:Timeshifter. No need to log in to use talk pages.

Full admins

Full admins can edit all protected pages. Individual city pages and country pages can be edited by anyone without registering or logging in.

Admins Talk pages Admin level Facebook pages
  • Steward
  • Bureaucrat

Contact an admin via their talk page, or a Facebook message. Anyone can leave a message on a wiki talk page without logging in.


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Main admin (steward)

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Sandboxes to practice editing

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See this sandbox. No need to login. There are no mistakes there. Practice freely.

You can also practice on your user page and your user talk page if logged in. Red links become blue links once anything (even a period) is saved to the user pages.

Users can create additional user subpages to practice on, and to keep separate drafts on any topic.


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