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Vote out most US Republicans and their cannabis war.
Vote out the US National Rifle Association and its drug war

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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Share link: Arequipa. Local or regional cannabis-related links wanted. See more links here: Peru. See cities by country on GMM map of all cities. See all cities (not just Global Marijuana March). See the yearly city and event lists for additional Facebook and other links.

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2019. May 4.
2011 GMM. Peru. May 7


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Global Cannabis March and 420[edit]

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Google site search no longer works well. It does not find all the yearly city lists containing a city name.
Special:Search works well. Click: "Global Marijuana March maps". Add city name to search, and state/province/nation as needed. This is an advanced search of main pages and templates. This will pull up all yearly maps in which the city is listed. Except for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021 due to various problems. Putting quotes around multi-word city names helps focus the search: "New York City". This city, nation, or subnational area participated or signed up one year (or more) for the Global Marijuana March (GMM), Million Marijuana March (MMM), or 420. Cities and nations holding 4/20 events are also included in later years. Yearly maps. See: 420 and Global Cannabis March event lists by year. See: GMM links.
1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

Dove cannabis earth.jpgCures not wars.jpgHerbie.gif Global Marijuana March animated.gif

GCM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. Yearly event links in many cases will no longer be added to city pages due to the amount of work involved. Such links are found in the yearly city lists and maps. Graphics and crowd photos will also no longer be added to city pages in many cases. Graphics and photos can be found in this alphabetical flat list.


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May 4:


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Peru 2011 GMM 5.png Peru 2011 GMM 6.png


La Global Marijuana March (GMM) también conocida como Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana (MMM), se realiza desde 1999 el primer sábado de mayo de cada año, en simultáneo en ciudades de todo el mundo. Hasta hoy han participado más de 686 ciudades de 62 países. Perú se suma por segundo año a esta causa.

La iniciativa ciudadana Legaliza Perú convoca a todos sus adherentes a unirse a la manifestación por la MARCHA MUNDIAL DE LA MARIHUANA, acto de ejercicio civil que reúne a millones de personas alrededor del mundo, en más de 420 ciudades.

Como se sabe, el cáñamo tiene innumerables usos en industrias de: alimentos, textiles de consumo, farmacia, construcción, automotriz, biocombustibles, etc. Es importante recalcar que nuestra iniciativa ciudadana no promueve, ni hace apología al uso de Marihuana. Solo realiza activismo y difusión de información, con mayores de edad, sobre esta planta y sus potencialidades.

• Cortar el nexo de la marihuana y sus usuarios, con el narcotráfico.
• Acceder a información real, científica y actualizada, dejando de lado los mitos sobre la marihuana.
• Terminar con la violencia, represión, extorsión y discriminación a los usuarios.
• Normalizar el autocultivo para uso individual directo.
• Revisar el vacío legal existente en el artículo 299 del código penal.
• Por el respeto a las libertades individuales y el estado de derecho.

No hay que olvidarse de los objetivos, no es juntarse a fumar. Hay que hacer evidente la cantidad de consumidores para terminar con la discriminación y las detenciones, promover políticas de reducción de daños y una nueva ley de drogas más humana, justa y eficaz, haciendo hincapié en las libertades individuales de las personas.

Centro Comercial Panoramico, Plaza de Armas. 3:00PM.

María te necesita. Avisa a tus amigos y conocidos, manda emails y SMS, llama a los medios de comunicación. Acude a la Marcha con todos tus amigos, familiares, lleva alegría, pancartas, disfraces, instrumentos musicales que vamos a divertirnos y expresarnos libremente, llevemos arte, mostrémosle al mundo lo que sabemos hacer.

No es demás recalcar que no se consumirán bebidas alcohólicas, ni sustancias tóxicas en la realización del mismo y acorde con las ordenanzas municipales que nos acogen. No consumas Marihuana durante la Marcha. Sé responsable con las leyes vigentes. Hablar de Marihuana no es delito.


Legaliza Perú 2011

President Eisenhower. 1953:[edit]

His 91% top marginal tax rate[edit]

Equaled prosperity for more.[edit]

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Eisenhower was not a socialist. He did not support state ownership of industries and businesses.
Eisenhower, an economically progressive Republican President, had a 91% top marginal income tax rate.. He participated in one of the greatest eras of economic prosperity-for-more in the US in the 1950s.
That era had lower overall taxes on the middle class.

There was a higher average effective tax rate on the top 1 percent of US households in the 1950s. It was 42% when totaling federal, state, and local taxes. In 2014 it was 36.4%. See chart below.
Federal, state, and local taxes. Average effective tax rate on top 1 percent of US households.gif

Chart below. See: Highest US marginal income tax rates over time.

Top US federal marginal tax rates. Timeline.gif
Above chart source. And: Source 2.

Chart below. Timeline of top US federal marginal tax rate.

Top US federal marginal tax rates.gif

Republican President Lincoln[edit]

Created first progressive[edit]

US federal income tax.[edit]

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Republican president Abraham Lincoln did not believe in state ownership of industries and businesses. So he was not a "socialist". Socialism was not well known at that time. See Wikipedia: Socialism.

In the United States, the first progressive federal income tax was established by the Revenue Act of 1862. The act was signed into law by Lincoln. It replaced a flat tax. See Wikipedia: Progressive tax.

Lincoln's economically progressive message below. What a contrast to today's far-right Republican leaders. From a message to the U.S. Congress, 3 December 1861:

"Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration."

Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Abraham Lincoln.jpg

More sources: [94]. The full speech. See: Facebook image.

Thomas Paine on the poor[edit]

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Thomas Paine statue below in Thetford, England. See: Paine Wikiquotes. Search for "poor" within those quotes. For example:

When it shall be said in any country in the world, my poor are happy; neither ignorance nor distress is to be found among them; my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars; the aged are not in want, the taxes are not oppressive; the rational world is my friend, because I am a friend of its happiness: When these things can be said, then may the country boast of its constitution and its government.

Paine was nothing like today's Republican Party.

Thomas Paine statue in Thetford, Norfolk, England. July 2004.jpg

Overpopulation = Warming[edit]

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Table of countries with higher rates of yearly population increases. Overpopulation equals less greenspace, more stress, more pollution, less biodiversity, less rainforests, fewer parks, more noise, more carbon dioxide, more global warming, higher seas, more frequent hurricanes, more climate change, more drought, more climate refugees, less resources, more poverty.

Many clueless Republican leaders deny it all. They also block free birth control, and simple single-payer, public-option healthcare without deductibles, copays, and premiums. Something that seniors, and everybody else with health problems, needs in order to work part time as one is able, and as an aging world needs.

So politicians worldwide need to work on that instead of trying to incentivize more babies. Truly universal healthcare costs less since it encourages more preventive care, and doesn't need big wasteful middleman health insurance bureaucracies. Healthcare should be completely separate from income level and workplace.

Immigration has to be limited. Economic justice has to happen instead. Countries need fair trade treaties and unions, and to even consider merging countries (or nearly so, as in the European Union). Economies of scale. As they have prospered birth rates have fallen in the European Union, Canada, Japan, Korea, and other peaceful, cooperative, and relatively more economically just areas. South and Central America have relatively higher birth rates. They are also generally more violent, and economically unjust. Africa and the Mideast are generally even more violent, economically unjust, and authoritarian.

And politicians need to incentivize more hempcrete construction, so that carbon levels go down.

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