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This is a suggested layout for country pages. It also works for states and provinces. Examples: France, and state of New York. Note how the France page lists subnational areas, too. This suggested layout changes over time. Use the parts you want. Adapt to your needs. You can use find-and-replace in a text editor to fill in stuff faster in the wikitext. Note that the page titles have "Cannabis-related links" in them. See categories.
- Replace "Nation" with the country, state, or province name. Use find-and-replace one by one. Check the URLs if the name consists of 2 words. Substitute _underscores_ for spaces in regular URLs. Substitute plus (+) signs for spaces in search URLs.

Search: Wikipedia. Wikitravel. Wikivoyage.

Remove the regional links that don't apply (in the links section, and in the categories section).
>>>> For European countries add {{Template:Europe info}} to the "Info" section. See: Template:Europe info.
Remove these explanatory notes at the top of the page.