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See: 2017 Global Marijuana March and 420 events. And Facebook: Global Marijuana March. Multi-year organizing.

2017 Global Marijuana March and 420 events[edit]

Please tell us of more countries, cities, and event links. Any other comments and questions, too.

Cleveland, Ohio Marijuana March SATURDAY May 6, 2017 at HIGH NOON! Fort Huntington Park (1141 W. 3rd St. Cleveland, OH 44113) PEACEFUL PROTEST ~ MUSIC ~ VENDORS ~ CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE

Cleveland NORML PO Box 44408 Cleveland, OH 44144 216-769-3504

Thanks! Added Cleveland link to the USA 2017 city list here:
USA. 2017 Global Marijuana March and 420 city list.
Do you have a 2017 Facebook event page?
--Timeshifter (talk) 21:52, 6 April 2017 (UTC)