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See: Help:YouTube on Shoutwiki Hub.

See: Help talk:YouTube on Shoutwiki Hub.

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This page documents how to use the YouTube video extension. Videos added using the Youtube tag are automatically converted to file pages so to help reduce page load time and improve video data tracking. A few exceptions exist and are listed below.


Using the Youtube extension[edit]

To add a YouTube video using the Youtube extension, you need the id code for the video. The string of letters and numbers after "v=" in the URL is the id code. So for the URL: the id code would be CCz1kmfqL7g.

YouTube videos are embedded using two tags, with the id code for the video you want to show between them:

<youtube>id code</youtube>

"id code" is the code from the URL. So in our example, you would use:


You can change the width and height of the video box

  • Width is controlled with width="xxx", where xxx is the number of pixels. The default is 640 pixels.
  • Height is controlled in the same way with height="xxx". The default is 385 pixels.

So example from above could be:

<youtube width="200" height="120">CCz1kmfqL7g</youtube>


Once this youtube tag is added, on save the tag will be converted to a file page, pulling the name from the youtube video name. Only the width is converted, except if the height is designed for use in an audio player. Attribution on the file page is attributed to the user who added the YouTube tag. This happens in all circumstances except the following exceptions.


Audio Files[edit]

If the youtube tag is being used for an audio file and has a height equal or less than 30 pixels then the conversion will not take place.

An example is: <youtube width="100" height="25" >2MsXVJ6Ba24 </youtube>

which results in


If the youtube tag is used in a template, then the conversion will not take place.However, because of the order in which the template and the extension are processed, the <youtube> extension code itself cannot contain template parameters.