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Global Marijuana March animated.gif Global Marijuana March is the first Saturday in May or thereabouts. See also: 4/20 events by year. See Category: Global Marijuana March by year.

Hundreds of cities hold 420 and Global Marijuana March events yearly. See crowd photos. Maps and lists: 2017, 2016, 2015.

See GMM on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus:

You can add links directly to the country, state, province, and city pages (no log-in required).

Ask any of the local and regional GMM and 4/20 organizers for help about anything. Here are a few:

Some Facebook links of native speakers of various languages below. More to come.
Some GMM and 4/20 organizers. Facebook pages, etc.. Native languages indicated. English: Dana Beal (USA). Narina Walls (in Mexico. From South Africa). Aron Kay (USA). Max Stone (Australia). Imiël Khaya Visser (South Africa). Andre du Plessis (South Africa). Timeshifter (USA) - wiki, 2. talk, 2. Google+. German: Martin Aus Berlin (Germany). Steffen Geyer (Germany). French: Allu Marine (France). Farid Ghehioueche (France). Spanish: Paco Mascaraque (Spain) - Associations. Norwegian: Piotr Gleichgewicht (Norway). Swedish: Michael K Bravin (Sweden). Danish: Klaus Trier Tuxen (Denmark).Czech: Robert Veverka [17] (Czech Republic). More to come: Italian. And Portuguese. And...

There are many GMM and 420 Facebook pages organizing cities and countries for GMM and 4/20. Search Facebook and Google+. Find more people, groups, and organizations via the GMM links box (many links in one place), and the GMM links page.

Share link: signup. Invite people to GMM and 420 events: Tag some of your friends in comments on relevant Facebook event messages and images.