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MANIFESTO Cannabis Legalization League

In our story we got to the point where history merges with the political energies of the moment. Contemporary Debates, whose theme is the use of substances and their abuse, should be on a par with equivalent problems - problems of poverty and overpopulation, environmental destruction and the undue political aspirations.

Terence McKenna. "Food of the Gods"

The key task Cannabis Legalization League (hereinafter - the League) believes ending the "demonization" and the complete rehabilitation of hemp (cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and cannabis ruderalis) and its derivatives (hereinafter - the hemp).


Stop the criminal and administrative prosecution of consumers psychoactive hemp

Ending discrimination depending on the type of surfactant consumed: equalize the rights of consumers of cannabis to consumers of alcohol and tobacco

Stop using the term "drug" in relation to psychoactive cannabis and its derivatives, as untrue

Ensure free access to information about cannabis and stop on her permanent disinformation, acting in the interests of representatives of the criminal market psychoactive substances and alcohol producers

Revision of the Convention of the United Nations: Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 "," Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971. "," United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of 1988 "

Develop, adopt and put into effect:

amendments to existing legislation, the maximum ease the procedure for issuance of commercial activities on agricultural cultivation and industrial use of technical grades of hemp

legislative and statutory regulations governing the cultivation, processing and distribution of cannabis and its derivatives, as well as taxation of these activities along the lines of those rules that operate in Russia with regard to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

legislative and statutory regulations governing the medical use of cannabis and drugs based on it.

legislation and subordinate legislation allowing for the cultivation of non-commercial purposes up to 10 plants psychoactive hemp.

Methods of the League:

League believes its methods of political dialogue, nonviolent protest and civil disobedience.

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Global Marijuana March (GMM)[edit]

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Special:Search works well. Click: "Global Marijuana March maps". Add city name to search, and state/province/nation as needed. This is an advanced search of main pages and templates. This will pull up all yearly maps in which the city is listed. Except for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021 due to various problems. Putting quotes around multi-word city names helps focus the search: "New York City". This city, nation, or subnational area participated or signed up one year (or more) for the Global Marijuana March (GMM), Million Marijuana March (MMM), or 420. Cities and nations holding 4/20 events are also included in later years. Yearly maps. See: 420 and Global Cannabis March event lists by year. See: GMM links.
1035 cities have participated from 85 nations or subnational areas since 1999.

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GCM city lists and maps: ~ 1999. 2000. 21.22. Yearly event links in many cases will no longer be added to city pages due to the amount of work involved. Such links are found in the yearly city lists and maps. Graphics and crowd photos will also no longer be added to city pages in many cases. Graphics and photos can be found in this alphabetical flat list.


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See 2008 GMM, archive, 2.

Alexander Kondratov mapkc(at) or .. Check out


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See 2007 Global Marijuana March map. - archive

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