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2019. April 18-20.
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2018. April 20.
2018. April 20.
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2018. April 19-21.
2018. April 19-21.
2018. April 19-21.
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2017. April 20.
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GMM, May 3:

April 19-20:


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Calgary: Keith Fagin Events(at) 403-863-2071 . Meet at Çity Hall- 800 Macleod Tr. SE 1 PM.



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Calgary: Keith Fagin Events(at) 403-863-2071 . Meet at City Hall- 800 Macleod Tr. SE 1 PM.

GMM. May 2, 2009:

Feb. 27, 2009 event:


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Calgary: Keith Fagin keith(at) (403) - 863-2071 Meet at Mount Royal Park on 17th Ave. and 8th Street S.W. March to Olympic Plaza

GMM. May 3, 2008:


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Keith Fagin founder of Calgary 420 Marijuana Community organized the 2006 Calgary Global Marijuana March.

Attendance increased ten fold this year. The biggest pro marijuana event Calgary has ever experienced to date. It was real nice to see the pro marijuana support growing in the most long term hard core conservative city in Canada.

Four local hemp stores and five marijuana magazines committed donations for prize give aways.

Many people did light up joints and pipes openly and were not bothered by the Calgary Police Service (CPS). I had took the time to negotiate with the CPS and the City of Calgary long before the event took place. The best sight I have ever seen is when the marchers started to pour in to the Olympic Plaza concrete bowl with many more marchers behind them pouring in the the huge Olympic Plaza bowl. Like a sea of people growing by the second, it was an awesome sight.

2007 Calgary Global Marijuana March will attract thousands. Live bands at Olympic Plaza starting at 12:00 PM then the March starts at 2:00 PM around Calgary streets until the marchers end back at the Olympic Plaza for free prizes and entertainment.


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