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Fayetteville: Zach Sheats 479-502-1686 . or Ryan norml(at)uark.edu or Jordan 501-609-6180 .


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Fayetteville: Ryan norml(at)uark.edu or Jordan 501-609-6180 .

UA-F Student Body Votes YES on SAFER Initiative


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Fayetteville: Ryan norml(at)uark.edu or Jordan 501-609-6180 .

Big concert in '08 followed by 150 person march to Federal Courthouse.


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http://norml.uark.edu - norml(at)uark.edu

Report: Big concert in '07 followed by 200 person march to Federal Courthouse.

Reports, video:


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GMM report: http://globalmarijuanamarch.org/2006.php (see archive)

Our march was very very successful. We marched over 2 miles to the Federal Building, and had an estimated 250+ that marched. Compared to last year with only 30 or so.


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GMM report: http://norml.uark.edu/march.html

Report from Fayetteville 2005 Twenty one (21) marchers met in Fayetteville, Arkansas to protest marijuana persecution. They marched up Dickson street, past the Centenial Celebration for Washington County Courthouse and on to the office of Congressman John Boozman. Boozman is famous for rubberstamping anything the Bush adminsitration proposes. Boozman - an eye doctor in private life - refuses to even read the DEA Administrative law Judge ruling on medical marijuana from 1988. It is unknown how Boozman, the eye doctor, can stand to vote against medical marijuana year after year when the most well known medical use of marijuana is for controlling the eye disease of glaucoma. In any case, certainly we have the blind leading the blind in the case of Boozman. All marchers were victorious in overcoming the fear of public display of affection for marijuana. All marchers were stoned on the vibes of Truth and Justice for our plants, and on any herbal material that might have marched along. This is the best turnout of the three marches held in Fayetteville and the participants and envious onlookers hope to double that next year.


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MMM report: http://norml.uark.edu/march.html

NORML particpated in the 2003 Million Marijuana March on Dickson Street. Not a huge turnout, but it was finals week. We marched from Georges on Dickson down to Rep. Boozmans office to present him with out God's Law Petition. After the march, we had a benefit concert @ Georges w/ music by D-west & the Unknown Soljaz

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