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2018. May 5.
2018. May 5.
2018. May 5.
2018. April 20.
2017. May 6.
2017. April 20.
2016. May 7.
2015. May 2.


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Southeastern Wisconsin NORML has decided to host our March for Cannabis Liberation in Milwaukee, WI on May 7th, 2011, during the Worldwide Marijuana March. We will be marching for the freedom of honoring freedom for Dana Beal and all cannabis supporters. Helping to reestablish cannabis as a freely used renewable resource by the general public for all purposes.

What: March and Public Display of Freedom

Where: Start/End at ...University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Golda Meir Library located at: 2311 East Hartford Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53211

The March will take place along Lake Shore Drive and return along Lake Michigan to our starting spot again.

When: Start time is 3:00PM, May 7th, 2011 to an estimated 5-5:30PM

Who: All are invited, the co-ordinators from SE Wisconsin NORML, can be reached at

The website for information on marches in other cities across the world is


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