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2018. May 4.
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2018. April 20.
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2017. April 20.
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2015. May 16.
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May 18: Marcha Mundial de la Marihuana 2019.


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Montevideo: "Movimiento por la Liberacion del Cannabis"



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Montevideo: Federico Marín "La PlaZita" KeepSmoking.TK(at) http://www.KeepSmoking.TK info(at) or unomasnomata(at)

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Montevideo: Federico Marín "La PlaZita" KeepSmoking.TK(at) http://www.KeepSmoking.TK info(at) or unomasnomata(at)


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In the Park She rolled, with tamboriles and clowns, five hundred people called to each other to legalize marijuana consumption congregated themselves yesterday to support the moved one by the "legalization of the marijuana" in Montevideo. Of all the social layers, young, adult, mothers and parents, punks, rastas and all the urban tribes, under flags drawn with the popular symbol of the marijuana, they pronounced themselves peacefully.

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